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10 ways to get energized this spring!

Spring is finally here and the flowers are blooming in Central Park. It is time for us to get moving because summer time will arrive before you know it. If you haven't yet started your spring routine, here are 10 tips to get moving:

1. Schedule movement meetings - Look at your calendar and schedule some movement every day.

These are meetings that cannot be cancelled. You can change the time during the day.

2. Think 15 minute time slots - If you don't have time to exercise 30-60 contiguious minutes, block out 15 minute time slots. For example, do some cardio at home 15 minutes in the morning before you shower. Afterwork, do 15 minutes of weight training in the evening.

3. Exercise with a partner - You will have someone to be accountable to. You can push each other. And it makes the time go faster.

4. Set realistic achieveable goals - Two examples of goals are be walking a certain number of steps each day or signing up for a race. Make sure the goal is something you can do otherwise you will set yourself up for failure. You want this to be a positive experience.

5. Enjoy energizing foods - Energizing foods are whole foods that include fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes and whole grains. Why are these foods energizing? Because they contain carbohydrates and/or healthy fats. Carbohydrates and fats are used to provide our body energy.

6. Buy yourself some new exercise clothes - It always feels good to exercise in something fresh and stylish. And fits well too! This includes replacing your exercise sneakers, particularly if you run - running sneakers should be replaced every 300-500 miles depending upon your weight and the type of sneaker.

7. Find an activity that you enjoy and gets you pump up so you return again and again - For example, some people like Zumba because it is an energetic dancing. While others enjoy bootcamp. Me - I like bike riding, rock climbing and skiing. Instead of "exercise", these are fun activities that I look foward to doing as often as possible.

8. Try a new activity - How about ballet class, pole dancing or acrobatics? There are so many different types of classes to get you moving. You might be surprised at what you find. Some of my clients have used ClassPass to explore different classes without having to commit.

9. Listen to music that moves you - Put on music that gets your body moving and heart pumping.

10. Make it a fun family affair - On the weekend, take a hike, go canoeing or kayaking, go for a bike ride and do it with your family and friends. Make it time to explore. And do it for fun!

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