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A Snowy Morning Run

I knew it was going to snow today, but I didn't think it would start before 9am. But the snow started falling around 8:30am which motivated me to put my winter running clothes on and go for a run in the snow. And I so glad I did it!

First, I had to decide what to wear. The temperature outside was 24 degrees F. I wore multiple layers on my body - a polypro long sleeve undershirt, a long sleeve bike shirt and a med weight running jacket. I like wearing bike shirts because I can put my phone in the back pocket and it doesn't bother me while I run. I wore mid weight leggings, a wool hat and mittens. And my new trail running shoes. Those sneakers were great - I felt very safe and comfortable running in the slippery snow.

I ran to Central Park and the snow was already sticking. It was beautiful. The first song that played on my ipod was "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison. I am not a religious person, but I find being outdoors in the snow very spiritual. Nothing can reproduce the beauty and serenity of natural snow. It was a perfect opening song for my run.

Running on the trail in Central Park was very pleasant, particularly since there was a race going on. I could watch the runners, then disappear into my run with only a few other runners and dog walkers. I particularly enjoyed watching the dogs playing in the snow. More joy!

As I got closer to the end of my run, I felt like I wanted to remain outside and continue experiencing the snow falling on my face. I hope that the forecast for tomorrow is wrong (rain!) and it continues snowing. Then there might be enough snow for cross country skiing in Central Park!

What is the point of this blog? To motivate you to get outside and enjoy the beauty of mother nature while you exercise.

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