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Finally Spring - Get energized!

It was a long, cold winter for those in the northeast. Meanwhile it was warm and dry in the west. This February, we were in Montana skiing and they had a 3 week warm, dry spell. Usually, they would have several feet of snow. Instead, there was barely a foot of snow remaining on the slopes of WhiteFish and in Glacier National Park. They were fortunate that they had a base of snow from December and January, but that was it. The groomed slopes of Whitefish were wonderful but you couldn't ski ungroomed - they were hard as rocks. Nobody, not even the badass skiers, ventured onto those slopes. The best day of the trip was the final day when it finally snowed in Glacier National Park. That day we went back country skiing. It was such an adventure exploring the park off piste.

While it was 40 degrees fahrenheit in Columbia Falls, Montana, it was 5 degrees back home in New York City. Perfect timing for a ski trip out west!

For a change, the ski areas in the Northeast thrived with dumpings of fresh powder. It was very cold but the ski areas stayed open for a long time. Yesterday I was driving through the Catskills and snow remained on some ski slopes. We had a lot of snow in New York City and I got to cross country ski in Central Park several times.

But due to the cold, the streets remained snowy and icy. I didn't go bike riding because I was concerned about the ice. This was the first year that I had my first ride of the year in March! Good thing I run outdoors in the cold because I would go bonkers doing all my exercise in a gym.

But now it is finally spring and we should all be enjoying the sunshine. Bring on the Vitamin D!

If you aren't taking advantage of the change in seasons, read my next post - 10 ways to get energized this spring.

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