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Eating and exercising for the New Year

So you made a resolution to eat healthfully and exercise this year. But didn’t you make the same resolution last year? Will this year be different? The answer is yes! Now you are probably asking “How?” Begin by following the steps below to help achieve your 2014 goals.

  1. Start with realistic goals. Make your goals something that you know you can do. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Once we fail, we quit. That will not work this year. 2014 will be the year of great successes.

  2. Make sure the goal is measurable. It is difficult to attain a goal that does not have a number attached to it. For example, it is easy to say “I will eat more fruit.” But saying “I will eat a fruit for my afternoon snack each day” is something that you can make sure you are doing every day.

  3. Write down your goal. This makes you accountable for your goal. Remember the goal must be meaningful, measurable and attainable. Measurable aspects may include how many, when, where and how long.

  4. The goal should be written into a contract that you will sign in the presence of a colleague, friend or family member. This will show the legitimacy of your goal.

  5. Place the contract on your home or office desk or wall – someplace that will be visible. Now you have no excuse – you cannot forget your goal.

  6. Once you have met this goal, you have to keep it. It is now part your lifestyle.

  7. I wish you all a happy and healthy new year!

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