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Healthy Holiday gifts

It is the countdown to Christmas and New Year's. If you haven't yet purchased gifts for your friends, family members and co-workers, here are some ideas that will start off their new year healthfully:

  • For runners, buy a winter running hat, gloves and socks. We always lose gloves and socks, and a fresh hat is appreciated. Click here for a running store:

  • For cyclists, we could always use a new bicycle jersey. If you live in a different town than the person you are buying for, go to your local bike shop and see if they have a town specific jersey. It would be something different than what they could get at their home bike shop.

  • For people who spend their time in a health club, buy them a new yoga mat and bag/carrier. Make sure the mat is rollable.

  • For the techie who loves numbers and exercise, buy them a Fitbit activity tracker:

  • For the long distance cyclist or runner, buy them a GPS heart rate monitor watch.

  • For someone who enjoys taking exercise classes and wants to try some new ones, buy the "passport" that allows them to take 10 different classes at different studios:

  • For someone wants to learn how to cook, buy them a cooking class.

  • For the video game addict, there are games that get your heart rate pumping. You can get them for the Xbox Kinect or Wii.

  • For the soda lover, buy them a Sodastream so they can make their own bubble water.

  • If you want to buy something edible, how about some fine dark chocolate and dry roasted, no salt nuts. Look for 70% or greater cocoa, no alkali, fair-traded and organic.

  • For someone who wants to learn more about nutrition and exercise, and start the new year with a fresh outlook on health, give them a gift certificate for nutrition and exercise counseling sessions. Contact me for details:!contact/caet

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