Nutrition Counseling
Reyna Franco provides healthy shopping tours so you can learn how to make healthy choices.
Reyna Franco provides in-home healthy kitchen cleanup and cooking lessons.
​I provide a variety of nutrition counseling services for individuals, families and groups:

* Individual Nutrition Counseling: Includes assessment of current diet and exercise program and motivational counseling.  Provides client with uniquely designed nutrition and exercise information based on their goals.   Clients will be inspired to make attainable changes to reach their objectives.

* Kitchen Cleanup: We will go through the your kitchen and discuss the various food products to determine how they fit (or don’t fit) into the your healthy eating goals.

* Healthy Shopping Tours: We will tour the local supermarket and purchase products that are consistent with the your healthy eating goals.

* Healthy Cooking: I will teach you how to prepare healthful and tasty meals based on your food preferences.

* Specialized Packages: Personalized nutrition and exercise packages are designed based on your needs.

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