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Heart Disease

Did your doctor tell you that your triglycerides and LDLs are high and your HDLs are low. I will explain what these words and numbers mean along with designing a unique healthy eating plan that will improve your lipid levels (cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglyceride) and improve your health. A heart healthy diet will keep you strong for life.



Most people don't realize the impact cancer has on our ability to function at our normal capacity. Often our ability and desire to eat is diminished and weight loss occurs.  Sometimes medications cause unintentional weight loss or gain.  I will help you develop a healthy eating plan to get you through the difficult times.  When your treatments are complete, I will help you design an eating plan that will keep you healthy and energized.

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Did your doctor say you are pre-diabetic?  Have you been recently been diagnosed with diabetes?  Or have you been living with diabetes for a long time?  In any case, I can work with you to design a unique healthy eating plan that will keep your blood glucose levels stable.  Timing of eating and exercise will be incorporated into your plan to achieve a healthy you.

GI Disorders

Do you suffer from celiac disease, gluten intolerance, food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, crohn's disease, acid reflux, diverticulosis or another gastrointestinal disorder? I have experience helping individuals create a healthy, well balanced eating plan so they can reduce the pain and symptoms of their food intolerances. I have experience with elimination diets including FODMAPS. I am a certified LEAP therapist.


​Medical Nutrition Therapy

​As a registered dietitian nutritionist in New York, I have expertise in nutrition counseling for a variety of medical issues including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, GI disorders, food allergies, kidney/renal disease, eating disorders, and obesity.
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