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Cold and Windy Running - It is 25 degrees F outside with a real-feel of 5 degrees

I woke up to a sunny sky and the sound of the wind blowing. The temperature was 25 degrees and hasn't changed since this morning. That wouldn't be so bad if the real-feel wasn't 5 degrees. But it is sunny out, so there is no excuse not to run outside. I just had to figure out what to wear. Here is my attire for today's run:

1. My medium weight bike leggings

2. Sleeveless polypro undershirt

3. Long sleeve thick bicycle shirt

4. Pink windproof running jacket-next time I will wear a jacket that breathes better. The inside of the jacket got moist and I had to unzipper it. Fortunately, my body remained comfortable.

5. Balaclava

6. Ski mittens with liners

7. Smart wool socks

It is amazing the ways people dress. I saw some guys wearing shorts, and plenty of people without hats. I also saw some people wearing long sleeve shirts and no jacket or gloves. Goes to show that everyone's tolerance to cold is different. So if you are like me and get cold easily, follow my attire list.

The run itself was challenging. I found it difficult to breath with the wind and cold. When I got home, my lungs felt raw. However, I am glad I got out for a run this morning.

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