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Cold Running - What do I wear? It is 30 degrees F outside

With the change in the seasons and the change in the temperature, I always forget what to wear to be comfortable exercising outdoors. And every year I say that I am going to start tracking what I wear at different temperatures and how I felt. And now I am finally doing that. I hope that this helps my readers too. Please keep in mind that I am always cold. So what I find comfortable, you might feel is too warm. If you also get cold easily, my suggestions will work perfectly for you.

My first shock of the year was yesterday morning when I awoke to a 20 degree drop in temperature from the following day. It was 30 degrees F outside and I had to meet my client at 6am in Central Park. Here is my attire for the run:

1. Lycra running leggings

2. Short sleeve polypro undershirt

3. Long sleeve polypro shirt

4. Light weight running jacket

5. Smart wool hat

6. Ski mittens: My hands always get cold so mittens worked perfectly. My client wore cycling gloves and was comfortable.

7. Cotton Socks: The only part of my body that got cold was my feet. Next time I will wear smart wool socks.

We had a wonderful morning run and felt very comfortable. The red, orange and yellow leaves added to our bright and brisk start of the day.

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